Coin making has been a common practice since about six or seven thousand years BC. Coins are used as currency and give a monetary value to a piece of metal. It also facilitated trade so farmers could trade in their wares for coin which they could in turn exchange at marketplaces for tools or furniture or even clothing. Currency literally changed the world in terms of trading and employment.

Coinage is also issued to commemorate special events, such as coronations, the birth of royal family members or sports tournaments such as the World Cup and special coins are also minted to commemorate special anniversaries.

A notable currency is the euro which is used by some countries in the European Union. This is a shared currency and while the notes are standard issue across the Eurozone, each member state of the monetary union designed the obverse side of each denomination of coin to reflect the identity of each member state.

Coins are an integral part of human society. The use of coins is in decline tho. In this website the history of coin, the countries that first used them as well as the way they are used today are all concepts explored.

While also looking at commemorative coinage, this website delves into the issue of medals being minted in recognition of service. This was normally done in the Armed Forces but citizens can also be given medals by monarchies or republics in return for acts of bravery, recognition of service, services to the state or its people and voluntary work.