The Value of Birmingham Coins

1931-silver-eagleThe Birmingham Mint is well renowned throughout the world as a private mint that has been in existence since 1794. It gained its recognition for producing coins for various governments throughout the world. In addition to this, the mint was often called upon to produce collectors metals and coins with several of them still in circulation today.

While the mint did extremely well and thrived as a private business for many years it was evident that it was faltering financially in 2003. As a result it was placed under administration. The work of this fine mint still lives on, anyway. Many of their collector pieces were beautifully packaged and this contributed to the preservation of them over the years. Some of these collector pieces can still be purchased through well known online entities. This raises the question as to how much are they really worth?

In order to determine this there are two factors that have to be considered. The bullion value of the coins themselves determines the monetary value, but just as important to many is their sentimental value. This can be much hard to decipher. For those who are coin savvy they have a good idea as to its monetary value and for extra help they can always rely on the resources of a jeweller.

The sentimental value will be based on personal preference as well as demand and popularity. For many collecting coins such as these from such a iconic mint like the Birmingham is their way of preserving history.

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